Ep. 1 – Some Sort of a Dragon Slayer

Ah, NES Dragon’s Lair…you beautifully broken game. You have nearly everything I needed to inspire this first episode:

  • A hero who in my mind looks–and should sound–somewhat like Kay from Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone.”
  • An awkward, over-sized character sprite sauntering oh-so-casually into mortal danger–only to collapse into an heap of bones at the slightest touch.
  • And an opening theme song that just demands lyricization.

“Came to the dragon’s lair
some sort of a dragon slayer.
This lumb’ring oafish goof
though brutish and uncouth
will try to prove that he’s a player.”

“He refuses to be taunted.
He’ll stride to the gates undaunted.
He’s taken up the sword
to steal that fell beast’s hoard
he’s got it and it will be flaunted.”

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1 Response to Ep. 1 – Some Sort of a Dragon Slayer

  1. agame says:

    I love Dragon Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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