Ep. 3 – Masterwork Video Game Theater

The introductory text crawl in the arcade obscurity “B.C. Story” contains what has to be the most fascinating and baffling display of magnificently mangled English ever seen in a game. Such artistry must be immortalized with all due majesty in the hallowed halls of “Masterwork Video Game Theater.”

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5 Responses to Ep. 3 – Masterwork Video Game Theater

  1. Seb says:

    I like your videos, keep it up! I never heard of this game, I would have liked to see a little gameplay footage. The scrolling text made me laugh 🙂

    • Thanks for watching and commenting, Seb! The game plays like a prehistoric Track and Field. It involves lots of button smashing and joystick waggling as the three candidates for tribal patriarch–the Short Caveguy, the Tall Caveguy, and the Sexy Cavegirl–compete in events such as sky-surfing on pterodactyls and inflating dinosaurs like balloons.

  2. Moss says:

    As a professional enjoyer of “Engrish” and all its sub-branches, this video delighted me to no end. Tears of joy and gratitude still flow shamelessly.

    I agree with “Seb” in his comment previous to mine: your idea, and presentation for that matter, are awesome. By all means keep it up.

    • Professional Engrish enjoyment? That’s a thing? How does one apply for this dream job?

      • Moss says:

        Unfortunately, PEE (or in its less scatological decoded form, Professional Engrish Enjoyer) it’s like having studied philosophy: although a highly fulfilling career, you can’t actually graduate expecting to get some sort of paid job. Ergo there is not much applying to be done anywhere. 😦

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