Welcome to the show

that gives voice to classic video games for some reason. 10-15 episodes steeped in nostalgic surreality are planned for the first season of “Vintage Video Game Voice Over.”

Follow on Twitter for updates. I’m occasionally almost funny and will probably even respond to you.

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Feel free to email me.*
*Availability subject to time constraints, vocal instability, and PCF**
**Project Coolness Factor. Example: Boring narration=0; Anything requiring a Snagglepuss impression=10
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Ep. 6 – Please Don’t Hekyll Dr. Jekyll

Join me as I strain the fragile bonds of sanity in a terrifying tale of weird science gone horribly awry in a way so grotesque, so unnerving, so mind-meltingly, soul-shatteringly—well I don’t want to oversell it…

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Ep. 5 – No, Dogs.

In which I am rather upset by the notion of certain annoying dogs invading my program.

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Ep. 4 – Don’t Avoid Yo! Noid

Recently, the Domino’s corporation attempted to make amends for years of awful pizza—but not everyone’s troubles can just be drowned in a tub of garlic butter. Hearken, therefore, unto the Noid’s heartbreaking tale of woe.

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Ep. 3 – Masterwork Video Game Theater

The introductory text crawl in the arcade obscurity “B.C. Story” contains what has to be the most fascinating and baffling display of magnificently mangled English ever seen in a game. Such artistry must be immortalized with all due majesty in the hallowed halls of “Masterwork Video Game Theater.”

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Ep. 2 – It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Street

Duke Nukem has nothing on his predecessor Duke Davis. In Bad Street Brawler (NES), only the “world’s coolest martial arts vigilante” (yes, that’s a direct quote from the instruction manual) is a bad enough badass to go out at night in neon short shorts and attempt to swing-dance with rampaging gorillas.

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Ep. 1 – Some Sort of a Dragon Slayer

Ah, NES Dragon’s Lair…you beautifully broken game. You have nearly everything I needed to inspire this first episode: Continue reading

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